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Questions, Answers

Is the wedding kid-friendly?

To allow all wedding guests a night of relaxation, we respectfully ask that no children attend the Saturday reception.

As a childcare option for Saturday evening, our wedding planner regularly coordinates with local nurses. To hire their services, please contact our planner at the following email address:

How do I get to the wedding events?

The central district is designed around 100m2 blocks. For comparison, the distance between blocks in Oaxaca is 1/3 of the distance between avenues in New York City. As such, the entire center is very walkable. The city does have a robust taxi service, distinguishable by their yellow cabs.

We recommend that you take a taxi after a long night, especially if you have been sampling the city’s many mezcals.

What are Oaxaqueño wedding traditions?
Weddings in Oaxaca include three traditional aspects: a ceremony, calenda, and reception. These events string together to form a celebration that lasts from early afternoon and late into the night! 

A calenda is a celebratory parade through the city streets. This immediately follows the ceremony and will take all of our guests to the reception space. Expect dancing, mezcal, puppets, and more as we wind through the city.

Will Korean wedding traditions will be present? 
No formal paebaek ceremony, but we will be inserting bits!